Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a minute...

We often use this phrase, right? When you're in the middle of a task, in "just a minute" you'll turn your attention away. Or perhaps that task will only take "just a minute."

We especially want cleaning to be quick and easy. If we could do that in "just a minute," wouldn't we?

Check out this video. In less than a minute, I cleaned up the same greasy mirror I shared with you a couple months ago. You'll see it posted: 41 seconds to be exact!

*Note: I'm still getting the kinks worked out as far as videos are concerned.  Namely, the talking and being videoed... ;-)

Here I used 2 of the products from the Household Package I mentioned last week - the Enviro Cloth and the Window (Polish) Cloth.

These are such a fundamental part of cleaning with Norwex, they come in their own pack: the Basic Package.  If you are at all hesitant about what Norwex products to try - this package or the Household Package will definitely get you off to a good start!

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  1. That package is awesome! One of the first things I bought actually and have been loving norwex since